Published Versions

ChroMat 2025.XX
to be released: transcripts of another 6 children recorded in between 2019-2025; according to the Manual 3.0; with morphological annotation
Chroma 2024.XX
to be released: with manual check of annotation of adult's lines
Chroma 2023.07
transcripts of all 7 children incl. Sára: with morphological annotation, manual check of the annotation of children's lines and revision of the transcription itself (in addition to version 2023.04, another revision of the transcription was done according to Manual 3.0, see Documentation for details)
Chroma 2023.04
transcripts of the 6 children from the first version (without Sára) enriched with morphological annotation for child and adult utterances; detailed manual control was performed on children's utternaces in addition; main lines of this version were revised as well
Chroma 2022.07
transcripts of 7 children: the same 6 children plus transcripts of Sára's recordings made between 2019–2021; Sára is transcribed according to Manual v2.0
Chroma 2019.07
transcripts of 6 children recorded in between 2014–2018; according to Manual v1.0