Who Is Sponsoring Us?

Currently, the main supporter of our research is the large infrastructure project LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ (No. LM2018101) funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Since 2021 we draw scholarship rewards from this source, which are used mainly for transcribers and proofreaders. Anna Chromá is also employed in this project as a data curator since March 2021.

In the past, the Faculty of Art itself was another important source of support for us. In 2014–2015, at the very beginning of the CoCzeFLA project, we used to pay out fellowships from its financial resources. Subsequently, Anna Chromá’s project Longitudinální korpus raného vývoje řeči (No. FF_VG_2016_16) received faculty support for the next two years. Between the years 2016–2017, this project provided financial rewards for the coordinator – Anna Chromá – and both transcribing and revising fellowship-holders, and produced a substantial part of the Chroma v1.0 corpus.

The last source of financial support for the corpora and its analyses is Charles University. The two-year project of Klára Matiasovitsová Nominal morphological categories and the mean length of utterance in a longitudinal corpus of early language development (No. START/HUM/016) was supported by the START grant programme in 2021. From here we are currently drawing money mainly to support the analysis and publication of results, but also for self-education and partly for rewards for transcribers/proofreaders of the ChroMat corpus.

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