Application for Access to Recordings

The recordings from which we make transcripts remain non-public. For most of them, however, it is possible to apply for that they be made available for further analysis – subject to the conditions of data protection and anonymity of published results. You can find out which children have recordings available in the relevant tables in the section Current corpora.

If you are interested in the recordings, in the first stage you just need to download the Application, fill it out electronically and send it by email to one of the CoCzeFLA contacts.

We will assess your application and, if approved, we will ask you to sign the Data Protection Declaration (only the principal investigator of the research project signs) and the Confidentiality Declaration (in the case of multi-member teams, all members, including the principal investigator, sign it).

You can request recordings with any sufficiently thought-out research purpose and data protection procedure, whether as a student or as an advanced researcher.