Corpora Usage

Publications and theses using our data


  • Kohoutková, Jolana. 2021. Analýza slovosledu v korpusu spontánních konverzací matek s dětmi []. Unpublished master thesis. FF UK. (LABELS2018) 
  • Matějka, Štěpán. 2022. Pořadí osvojování gramatických slov a tvarů: elektronický dotazník. Unpublished dissertation. FF UK. (Chroma 2019.07) 
Projects focused on analysing our data
  • PROJECT START 2021–2023 Nominal morphological categories and the mean length of utterance in a longitudinal corpus of early language development funded by Grant Schemes at Charles University (CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/19_073/0016935); principal investigator: Klára Matiasovitsová (Chroma and LABELS2018)

The outputs of the START project are three papers and a new, morphologically annotated, version of the Chroma corpus:

Chromá, A., Sláma, J., Matiasovitsová, K., & Treichelová, J. (in press) A morphologically tagged longitudinal corpus of spoken Czech child-adult interactions. Language Resources and Evaluation.

Matiasovitsová, K., Čechová, P., Sláma, J., Homolková, K., & Smolík, F. (under review). Mean length of utterance in Czech toddlers: validity estimates and comparison of words, morphemes and syllables.

Matiasovitsová K., Čechová, P., Sláma, J., Treichelová J., & Smolík F. (in press). The Validity of a Transcript-Based Measure of Child Language Development in Czech. In P. Gappmayr, & J. Kellogg (eds.), BUCLD 47: Proceedings of the 47th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, Cascadilla Press.

Chromá, A., Matiasovitsová, K., Sláma, J., & Treichelová, J. (2023). Chromá Czech corpus. CHILDES []. DOI: 10.21415/3ZNE-HX03.

  • PROJECT PRIMUS 20192022 Cross-methodological approaches to syntax and semantics (XMASS) funded by Faculty of Arts under the PRIMUS programme; principal investigator: Radek Šimík (Chroma 2019.07)

Radek’s XMASS research group under the PRIMUS project focuses on the syntax and semantics of wh-constructs from different perspectives. Among other things, their use is verified on children’s data in the Chroma corpus. The analysis of wh-constructs in the children’s corpus is the focus of Klára Matiasovitsová’s research. She verifies the hypothesis that children acquire wh-constructions according to the hierarchy of questions > embedded questions > correlatives > headless / light-headed relational sentences > headed relational sentences. She also investigates the relationship between children’s acquisition of these constructions and their frequency in child-centred speech.